Friday, August 07, 2009


We have been blessed with the miracle of life... again. it seems like i only write something on here when something comes alive or dies. oh well here are some pictures of our cute little puppies

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Miracle of Life

It has been some time since I have taken time to share my thoughts, and some might say that is because I don't often have any, which sometimes feels right. I have reached to stage of life where I need to slow down to think and breath. I did stop to enjoy one of lifes special moments on Saturday, the 7th of February. I got a call from my son-in-law at about 7:20 am. As the fog cleared in my brain and I wondered what ninny was calling at this hour (Saturday is one day I get to sleep in and on this day my body was cooperating). I reach for the phone and give a half hearted hello and hear this excited masculine voice say you'd better get breakfast for Gary in a hurry, we are in labor. Three and a half years ago the whole show lasted for about 3 hours from start to finish so as things registered I knew I'd better hurry. I asked if the boys were coming to stay with papa, Yes they would bring them over. My daughter was doing last minute things like in the shower and wash the hair kind of things then they would be over. So up I jump with renewed energy, dash to the kitchen for my little guys have not eaten either. Sausage and eggs and toast will be quick and I can be ready to go when I need to.

The little family arrives and the 2 little boys are as I expect, hungry, but they are always loooking for something to eat. I offered the dad breakfast or any given part of breakfast, but no he didn't want any. This was a sure indicator that his mind was else where. This from the dad who would talk to the tummy, "Hello baby, we need you to hurry up and come out and play." I turn my attention to the mom, who is contracting every 4 to 6 minutes. She will stop and bend over and grit her teeth till it passes and then continue to fuss over her boys, who might add arrived with suitcases and favorite blankies and build a bear friends. They were ready for the duration. After the grandma had her shower and shampoo the mother andI sat in the office chairs talking and timing. It was interesting, as I think to my self I don't think I was that tough, as close as those pains are and as intense as they seem I'd have been out of here long ago. Finally we go to the living room where the Dad sees how intense things are and says "we are going". Mom we are leaving, Okay I'm right behind you. Today I get the pickup so Papa Can bring up the boys after the excitement is over and there is something to see. I head out and there stand or rather hunched over with hands on knees is my daughter waiting for car seats to be moved and I like to think for me to get out and go. Now I might add that for the last child I missed by moments the arrival because I had to feed the papa. This time I was determined not to repeat that experience so you can imagine how I might react when the window in the bedroom popped open and Papa's voice called me back to the house. Not again! It seems I needed to get the registration papers before I left. The kids say they are going on and I say I'll be right there. Back in I go for the paper and a short discussion on other things I could do before I go and I respond in the negative and go out the door. 7 minutes to the hospital and park and in the door I go at a not to fast pace, as I round the corner at the nurses desk I am met by the dad with a "hurry up we are at a 10 and headed to the delivery room". WOW. That close to missing it again. Can you imagine walking in the doors at 9:50 am and have it all over by 10:17 am. Shades of grandma Mounts. I was a spectator who tried to stay out of the way and felt great joy at the priviledge of being present at the arrival of Brookelin Kadence. She was due the 4th and so that is 3 days past her due date and was 9.1 pounds and 21 and 1/4 inches long with wavy black hair. She is the best baby, and that could be because I am not around much but she seems to be content and eats well. What a sweet treat to sit and hold such a precious gift from heaven. I am grateful to a loving Heavenly Father for the gift of families, for the love and for the joy that comes as we learn and grow together. May we all appreciate the blessings we receive.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Year

What a day, up at 5 am thanks to Mother Nature, get Gary's breakfast, dress and head out the door by 6. Almost to the car and I hear the window open and my sweet husband calls "Happy Anniversary". Oh, it is my anniversary, wow. 41 years with that guy. How time flys. We sure have had a lot of experiences together. We have delt with major health issues which now seem minor. We have experienced the birth of 5 of the most beautiful babies ever, which I must admit seems to run in my family. Look at the cute babies of my kids and my neices and nephews. We are rich beyond belief. I often ponder on the challenges that come our way and sometimes wish that we had been more financially blessed but then which of my blessings would I have to give up? The good health that my kids enjoy...nope, the testimonies of our children...nope, the relationship we had with our kids throughout their growing up years....nope. You know when it comes right down to it I am greatful to a loving Heavenly Father who knows who we are and how to bless us in the best way possible, even though it may take some time for us to see and appreciate the blessings we receive.
The next three weeks are going to be interesting. This Saturday I am involved in cooking for 70 people and we are serving chicken cour don blu. I know how to cook it but am not so sure on the spelling. On the 6th we are feeding about 90 and that will be pork loin with apple stuffing. One the 12th for the Principals of our school district (70 ish) again with the stuffed pork loin. On the 13th (count is up to 91) with both the chicken and pork loin. Throw in the potatoes, some baked and some twice baked and 2 kinds of veggies and 3 kinds of salads and home made buns along with a dessert table whether it is a dozen different kinds of pies or and assortment of holiday types of dessert and I will come up of air after the end. About the 14 I will be so greatful for Christmas holiday and having 2 boys and two grandbabies here, I am so excited. That will be 4 kids in my house for Christmas and Santa will come again and I just have to watch and cuddle and love what more could oone ask?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rushing, Rushing

Well time is flying by. I am not sure if that is an age thing or not. I hear young parents talk about the lack of time and do not remember it being so when I was a new mom. I wonder if our Heavenly Father has his finger on the time wheel and is spinning it a little faster as it gets closer to the wind up scene? I don't know about any one else but for me who is waiting for the benefits of old age to set in, you know time to quilt or knit or craft, or clean house or sleep or, need I go on. There just seems to always be something you have to do or somewhere you have to go. People waiting on you, seem to know when you sit down for a minute and that is when they call.
I was talking to Garett the other night as he drove back to Moses Lake and he lovingly reminded me that I still have things to learn. Darn I thought I had it all under control, doing all the things I know I should to the best of my ability, but as I pondered what he said I realized that he is right and I have to quit coasting and get in and dig and make me better. More work, wouldn't ya know.
I am so excited, I will have 3 of my 5 kids here at Christmas. That will be 3 little boys and a sweet litle girl who we will meet for the first time. I am planning already. Food and decorating and activities for the kids. But I am also planning on getting a little more done in the house. little things like kitchen cupboard doors and an island. Maybe hang some gyprock. Just little things, but oh so helpful. I'll keep dreamin.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Here We Go Again

Wow, Here it is time for school and I am headed back just like my grandkids. Wish I was a student too. This year brings some firsts. New dietary laws for schools brings some changes to our menu and that will be interesting to see how the kids handle no more fries, pop, chips or candy in the school. They say itis good to have some challenges in our lives. I am not so sure that they should be mandated though.
Gary and I are fine, Gary is once again coaching the defense on the high school football team. He still likes mental challenges but now admits he isn't as fast as he once was. Are any of us?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I haven't been posting on this blog because I have my very own and one for my little family. I also forgot my login info. Blogging is so easy that I couldn't resist doing my own. I am leaving this one for Deni to maintain. I hope that by adding some links that people will get to visit everyone else's.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

well hello

Well it has been a long time since we have up dated. We went to Idaho for Christmas were Santa spoiled the boys. Taedyn got a new BMX bike and Braycen got his own trampoline. Taedyn is trying to talk Braycen into sharing the tramp with him. Taedyn is loving pre school and is so smart. The teacher gave him a paper with how to write his name on it. He looked at her and said "I don't need that I already know how to write my name I am not stupid." I got a laugh out of that when she told me that. Braycen has his nana wrapped around his finger. Everytime he is in trouble he wants his nana or when we go some where he wants his nana. Funny kid. He is throwing the biggest fits lately that it drives us nuts, needless to say he has been getting in trouble and then again wants his nana. We got to see Cam and Kassie at Christmas and enjoyed visiting with them. Dallas is so cute. I could have taken him home. I am busy coaching basketball and busy is the word. Bo is now the Young Men's pres in our ward so he is super busy with at least 2 meetings a week and this week was 3. I am currently the Primary Secretary and have 1 meething a week. We enjoyed the super bowl this year. Way to go Giants. Bo and I are still busy with work. We are looking forward to break up in March/April and may be making a quick trip to Idaho. Maddie is due to have her pups next week and she is absolutely HUGE. Anyone want a puppy. Well we hope to hear from all of you soon.